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A More Enjoyable Buying Experience

By working with Joey Peretz, you will benefit from our nine decades of experience in the area, stellar reputation in the industry, and our commitment to present you with smarter choices, better planning, faster timing, and fewer hassles. At Joey Peretz, family doesn’t need to stop at the front door – we will treat you like one of our own. We promise a better experience.

Buy Comfortably, Anywhere

When your new home is in a different city or state, let our award-winning Relocation Services department streamline your move. With more than 20 years of nationwide experience, our dedicated team understands the economics and emotions that come during the relocating process. We provide personalized service throughout the process and will cater to the individual needs of each client.

As a Plantation resident for 20 years, Joey understands the numerous intangible benefits of life in Broward County, with its unmatched weather, culture, and diversity. In his 20 years in real estate, Joey has sold millions in real estate transactions and has continuously been named in the nation’s top 1% of Realtors®. His knowledge and skill in an ever-changing real estate market, allow for success for his customers regardless of transaction type.


While knowing how much you can afford is the first step, sellers will be much more receptive to potential buyers who have been pre-approved. You’ll also avoid being disappointed when going after homes that are out of your price range. With Pre-Approval, the buyer actually applies for a mortgage and receives a commitment in writing from a lender. This way, assuming the home you’re interested in is at or under the amount you are pre-qualified for, the seller knows immediately that you are a serious buyer for that property. Costs for pre-approval are generally nominal and lenders will usually permit you to pay them when you close your loan.

List of Needs & Wants

Make 2 lists. The first should include items you must have (i.e., the number of bedrooms you need for the size of your family, a one-story house if accessibility is a factor, etc.). The second list is your wishes, things you would like to have (pool, den, etc.) but that are not absolutely necessary. Realistically for first-time buyers, you probably will not get everything on your wish list, but it will keep you on track for what you are looking for.

Representation by a Professional

Consider hiring your own real estate agent, one who is working for you, the buyer, not the seller.

Focus & Organization

In a convenient location, keep handy the items that will assist you in maximizing your home search efforts. Such items may include:
  • 01 In a convenient location, keep handy the items that will assist you in maximizing your home.
  • 02 A file of the properties that your agent has shown to you, along with ads you have cut out from the newspaper.
  • 03 Paper and pen, for taking notes as you search.
  • 04 Instant or video camera to help refresh your memory on individual properties, especially if you are attending a series of showings.
  • 05 Location: Look at a potential property as if you are the seller. Would a prospective buyer find it attractive based on school district, crime rate, proximity to positive (shopping, parks, freeway access) and negative (abandoned properties, garbage dump, source of noise) features of the area?
  • Visualize the house empty & with your decor

    Are the rooms laid out to fit your needs? Is there enough light?

    Be Objective

    Instead of thinking with your heart when you find a home, think with your head. Does this home really meet your needs? There are many houses on the market, so don’t make a hurried decision that you may regret later.

    Be Thorough

    A few extra dollars well spent now may save you big expenses in the long run. Don’t forget such essentials as:
  • 01 Include inspection & mortgage contingencies in your written offer.
  • 02 Have the property inspected by a professional inspector.
  • 03 Request a second walk-through to take place within 24 hours of closing.
  • 04 You want to check to see that no changes have been made that were not agreed on (i.e., a nice chandelier that you assumed came with the sale having been replaced by a cheap ceiling light).

    All the above may seem rather overwhelming. That is why having a professional represent you and keep track of all the details for you is highly recommended. Please email me or call me directly to discuss any of these matters in further detail.
  • Joey Peretz are one of the premiere real estate groups locally, nationally and internationally, specifically dealing with high-end properties and exclusive clientele. Partnered with Keyes Realty the Joey Peretz group are full service real estate experts whose clients benefit from the custom tailored, hands on service while receiving all the exclusive amenities and resources of one of the most established and respected firms in the business.