Home Buyer Checklist

To ensure the lifestyle you want and expect… ask these questions before you buy:


  • What schools will my child attend?
  • Where are they located?
  • What are their test results?
  • What is the consensus of local parents?
  • Do they have the special programs necessary for my child?
  • How will my child get to school? If needed, is a school bus available to this location?


  • How far is it to work?
  • How long am I willing to commute?
  • Are there optional routes to take to work?
  • If necessary, is public transportation available and convenient?


  • What is the immediate neighborhood like?
  • Is it well kept?
  • How is traffic?
  • Are shopping facilities adequate and convenient?
  • How close are hospitals and/or medical centers?
  • Are churches/synagogues close?
  • Are police and fire protection adequate?
  • If important, how close is the airport?

Recreation & Activities

  • Does the Homeowner’s Association provide recreational facilities such as:
    Golf , Tennis, Lake access. Swimming Pool,  Playgrounds,
  • Are there fees and regulations involved for their use?
  • What additional recreational facilities are close by?
    Public/Private/Semi-Private Golf, Country Clubs, Tennis,  State Parks, Hiking/Camping/Boating/Picnic Facilities,  YMCA/Gyms,
  • How available are children’s activities?
    Scouts, Dance Classes, Martial Arts,  Swimming,   Music Schools,  Gymnastics,  Sports Leagues
  • Are there children in the neighborhood?
  • Are movies, libraries, sports complexes, museums and other cultural event locations available and convenient?

Homeowner’s Association & Neighborhood

  • Is there a Homeowner’s Association?
  • How active are they?
  • Can I live with their rules and regulations?
  • What are their dues?
  • Is the community well planned and well run?

Sewage, Facilities, Public Water, Sidewalks, Septic Drainage

  • Are the above items available? If so, is the property hooked up?
  • Are there protective zoning ordinances?
  • Is there any vacant land close by?
  • What is it zoned for?

Joey Peretz Team